Bulk Up with Beginner Tips for Free Weights at Phoenician Apartments

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You can improve your fitness at luxury apartments in the Galleria area by starting a workout regimen. Here are some beginning tips for free weights. Start with cardio. Do 5-10 minutes of moderate-intensity cardio to increase the blood flow and warm up your muscles. Workout at least twice per week on your apartment's fitness machines, and you … [Read more...]

Stay Busy & On Task at the Phoenician Internet Cafe

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Houston apartments near Uptown offer many amenities and services to help you get things done, stay healthy, and meet new people. The Phoenician Internet Cafe is the perfect place to help keep you on task, increase your productivity, and get things done. The center is a great environment for completing all of your business activities when you need a … [Read more...]

Great Benefits from a Workout at Phoenician Fitness Classes

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Hitting the gym doesn't have to cut into your daily routine. Residents of our luxury apartments can enjoy all the benefits of our Phoenician fitness classes right at home. One look at the benefits of regular exercise and you'll see why fitness should be a top priority. According to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, exercise is the best way to maintain … [Read more...]

3 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Sofa for Your Phoenician-Houston Apartment

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There are many ways you can decorate your uptown Houston apartment at Phoenician. If you are looking for new furniture, there are a few things to keep in mind before you make your purchase. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best sofa for your uptown Houston apartment. Make a plan. This means looking at your home and deciding on what type of … [Read more...]

3 Hot Dog Ideas to Try at Your Phoenician July 4 Bash

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Since the Phoenician in Houston, TX has gas and charcoal grills for your use, as well as a Clubhouse and resort style pool, you want your July 4 party to really be smashing. The landscaping makes the entire community feel like a park setting, so making the best out of simple fare, such as hot dogs, will create the bash you need to have! All you need … [Read more...]

Stay In & Enjoy these Activities for Fun at Your Phoenician Apartment

playing board games

Staying in at your apartment near Memorial Park in Houston can be just as wonderful as hitting the town. If you are looking for a fun night in with your friends, then here are some great activities that you can try! Play some games! Board games are a great way to engage your group and get everyone involved in a bit of healthy competition. If you … [Read more...]

3 Items to Recycle at Phoenician Apartments Recycling Center


Preserving and protecting earth starts at home. It's easy to be proactive in your efforts to save the environment by using the recycling center at the Phoenician apartments. You can certainly make a difference by helping to reduce the production of new materials, depletion of natural resources, and crowded landfills. Here's what to set aside. Aluminum … [Read more...]

Grab Quick Take Out from Chachos on Westheimer


No matter the time of day, you can get Tex Mex in Houston at Chacho’s. At this restaurant, there's a large menu selection, waiter service, indoor & outdoor seating, and a take-out service. The best part about this Tex Mex restaurant on Westheimer Road is that it's two minutes away from our Phoenician Apartments. The menu features enchiladas, … [Read more...]

Charcoal or Gas? Choosing Which to Use at the Phoenician Apartments


Did you know you can grill your meals on the Phoenician charcoal and gas grills? Which one should you use? It's really a matter of taste and time. For most grilling purists, charcoal is the only choice. Cooking over charcoal gives food a different flavor because of guaiacol, which is an aroma compound that is made when the charcoal heats and break … [Read more...]

Items Every Phoenician Bathroom Requires for Tidiness


If your bathroom is becoming overwhelming with clutter, then it is time to start thinking of what you can do without. Make the most out of your Phoenician bathrooms by cutting down and keeping only the following needed bathroom items. Durable Bathmat- It is both unpleasant and dangerous to step out of your shower onto a cold bathroom floor. To prevent … [Read more...]